Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tolerance in the Family

To recap again, there is no perfect family. Why is this so?

Lets do a family analysis. In the previous post, it was mentioned that the parents, generally, are the ones who steer the ship to the right course. They need to have the navigational aids to do this. One of the navigational aids is tolerance. If there is an absence of tolerance between both the parents, then the ship will drift in the sea with no direction.

The most ideal case is for both the parents to have a high level of tolerance. Unfortunately, this is never the case. Most often than not, only one of the parents will possess this tolerance and also to what level, is again another matter.

There are instances when both the parents do not possess tolerance at all. This kind of families normally will have much grievances between the members.
There will be no communication but arguments.

A high level of tolerance exercised by the parents will calm the family and any child, who has a temper will be mellowed down. Tolerance, together with patience, is the best navigational aid to steer a family to peace and happiness.

This subject on tolerance will be continued in later posts.

There are other family navigational aids which will be discussed in later posts.


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