Friday, September 4, 2009

Are there perfect families ?

The saying is, "there are no perfect families", or put in another way, no family is perfect.
I have seen perfect families, no kidding, yes, I can vouch for it.

You need certain ingredients in a family in order for them to be perfect. Now, what do you think could be these ingredients ?
Let me tell you. They are simply a high degree of patience, tolerance, love and understanding. The greatest of them all is Love. Patience will eliminate quick- temper.

How are these applied in the family ? Both the father and mother must have these traits. If only one of them has it, then sorry, it does not work. For this reason, perfect families are few but they exist.

If both the parents have these virtues in them, automatically, it is passed down to their children.
Now we have a whole family which possesses these golden virtues and you will actually see a perfect family.

For those who are hot-tempered, please read this.
For your information, quick temper or hot-tempered is the most feared trait to have. It causes harm in families. For those who have this trait, please exercise calmness in yourself. If you feel that you are going to explode, pause and take in deep breaths and breath out slowly. It truly works. Try it the next time. Also it is best that you stay quiet without saying anything. These are exercises that you must work out in times of trouble.


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