Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning blues in the Family

I am sure the term 'morning blues' is very familiar in the family circles. Generally, most families will experience this.
What is morning blues?
Occasionally, one of the family members gets up grumpy in the mornings. It can be anyone in the family. The mum or dad or anyone of the children. This is very easily seen on the affected person's face.

In such circumstances, it is best not to talk to this family member until he/she returns to normal senses. To talk or say wrong things like, 'hey, what is wrong?' or 'why, what is your problem?' or any other negative statement will only add fuel to the fire.
Never further aggravate the situation. Just DO NOT communicate with this family member.

Such morning blues are temporal and last a few minutes. These are minor things that can can explode if treated wrongly.


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