Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Types in the Family Haven

Okay, we have already seen two family types so far. Refer to the two previous posts if you are not sure of what I am saying.

Next we have young parents with young growing children. What kind of atmosphere would you expect in the home?

This will be easy to guess. Young parents are generally still in their youthful stage, fast moving and able to cope with the fast changing world outside. Young children are still in the 'running around' stage and the parents will cope well with this kind of situation. They are not tired out and in fact love it this way.

The home will be noisy and full of activity. At this stage, there is a lot of interactivity within the family as well as communication.

It will be all up to the parents to keep the home happy.
So those parents who fit this situation, Family Haven wishes you all the happiness.

The Family Haven.

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