Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Interactivity

Family Interactivity! I mentioned this in one of my previous posts. I need to elaborate a little on it.

Without interactivity within the family, the family, even if there are more than two or three children, the family is 'dead'. By this I mean, every body keeps to himself/herself and it will seem as though no family exists in the household. It will not be a fun family.

Oh, what a waste! So much of effort taken to raise up a family, I'm sure you all know the sleepless nights that you had to undergo, and now there is no interaction in the family. Why on earth was such a family raised. For heaven's sake, enjoy your blessed family life. There are people out there crying to have a family.

Can't you just sit down with your family a few minutes a day and just talk and talk and talk. Then laugh and laugh and laugh. So difficult!


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