Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Good Morning in Family Haven

How should we start the family morning? How happy and fruitful the rest of the family day is going to turn out to be will greatly depend on how the parents start the family morning.
Both the parents are the captain of the ship and it depends on them to stir the ship to the right course.
So what can the parents do to start a happy day?
Simple. Inject Positive Vibes into the family the first thing in the morning. It need to be just a simple smile. Give a beautiful smile and a greeting to your kids. Maybe a loving hug for your daughter. Spotting a sweet loving smile, wish them a happy day in their school or office. Give a loving kiss to your wife and vice versa, in front of your children. This radiates happiness to the whole family.

Do this simple loving ritual daily and see the happiness build-up in your family.
Try it now.


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