Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Family Life Cycle 3

Yes, we are still on the subject of the child's 'mind of their own'.

Let's look at children in their teens or older. The teenage kids tend not to follow what the parents say or ask them to do. Why? This is because the 'mind of their own' in them has developed to a higher level stage. The have their own opinions, normally not in tune with the parents.

Here again, it depends on the age of the parents in comparison with the children. The wider the age gap, the more pronounced will be the 'mind of their own' effect.

If the parents are of the 'no patience type, or have very little tolerance and understanding, then the worst can happen. This is when the children start confiding with their close friends instead of their parents.
This does not mean that the children are loosing their trust in their parents but rather, the children are now in a high level of the 'mind of their own' stage.

At this time, parents should learn to exercise patience, tolerance,and understanding and try to cope with their teen kids.

Why not follow this - if you can't fight them, then join them.

Well you can't do that, can you? The situation needs to be studied carefully here.

We shall come BACK to this subject in later posts.


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