Thursday, October 1, 2009

Money and Health in the Family

Money, money, money! Everybody is chasing after money. What about health in the family? Health in the family comes first, and then money. Do you all agree to this?

Well, this can be a very wide subject to be discussed and shall be studied in stages.

For a family to be happy and gay, the family must be in the pink of health i.e. every family member must enjoy the best of health.

What happens if just one family member falls ill? There will be a gloomy cloud hanging over the home. I am sure many families would have experienced this.

Healthy living shall be discussed further in a later post.

Money! Very important too, I guess. Without much money, the family lives with bare necessities. This will also bring not much of happiness to the family.

Do we need to earn in abundance to be happy? Off course no! We need to earn a substantial amount to enjoy the luxuries we so desire.

What about quality time with the family? This will be studied in depth in later posts.


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