Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Types

I call this family types. All of you see many families around you. They could be your own children now married with a family. Your relatives and their families. Your friend's families. I have been mentioning the word 'families' so many times.
Why? Yes, it is a beautiful word. A wonderful word. A word that denotes happiness.

Okay now, let me talk about family types. There are four types I believe. Let's analyse the first type.

Elderly parents with fully grown-up and matured children.
In this kind of families, because of the maturity in all the family members, the household tends to be quiet. Conversations are more serious and the grown-up children tend to spend much time on their own. If they are married with kids, then the grand-parents will have something to look forward to.

Generally, much respect can be seen among the family members. The elderly parents tend to keep to themselves and normally go out on their own.
Happiness, trust and respect holds the family together.


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