Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Family Type in Family Get-together

Again, we discuss another family type. This time we see what happens when both the parents are still young but with full grown-up children.

Any of you belong to this category? OK, lets see.

The parents are still young. So what happens? Yes, you guessed right. The parents will be very open-minded and will accept all the present trends and changes. Lucky for their daughters. Why? the parents will like to see their daughters in the latest fashionable clothes. There will be no disputes regarding this.

The house will incorporate the latest electronic devices, the latest cell phones and computers.

Generally, the parents and their children will get along well. They understand each other better. They make good companions and the best of friends.

The right term to use here will be, there is no generation gap between them. Towards idealism I suppose.
Is this or will this be a perfect family. This will be very subjective. If we go to the depth of it, then character analysis will have to be taken into consideration.

But lets look at on the surface of it and not get into any complications for the moment. In-depth analysis will be left for later posts.

We can generalize that this will be an innovative family.


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