Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family types in the Family Haven

The last post on family type reflected on elderly matured parents with fully grown-up and matured children.

Today we shall do a study on elderly matured parents with young growing children. What do you think will be the effect on the family ? What will be the good and bad points, if any ? Try to analyse it yourself for a moment, especially if the cap fits you.

Have you finished your analysis ?

Okay then, let's look at it now.
Firstly, coping with the young active minds and their exposure to the present fast changing world.
Generally, the elderly parents are not able to cope with the new technologies, the present mindset of the younger generation. There will be a lot of why's and don'ts in their conversations. Their conservatism will clash with the modern trends of their growing children.
If the parents are not understanding, arguments will tend to take place in the home.

So what can be the solution ? There definitely has to be a compromise. One side has to give way.
The changing world is inevitable. Such parents should try to keep up with the present day changes, try their best to accept the technological advancements and learn from their children. This is the only way to have a happy family.

Take note that the children are NOT going to change. The world is not going to change.You have to keep up with the changing world.


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