Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coping in the Family

One common family issue or difficulty faced by many families is how to cope with certain family members.
There are different scenarios in the family. Examples are, aged grandparents living together with young members in the family. Another case is aging parents themselves living with their own teenage or grown up children. In the mentioned situations, there appears to be a generation gap which is the root cause of many differences in opinions which results in arguments in the family. There has to be some action taken to stop these unpleasant arguments which is sometimes annoying and can go out of hand if not managed well.
So how do we cope with this problem. It is obvious that the very aged are normally stubborn and will not give-in. They are always right.
Therefore, one party definitely needs to give-in and it has to be the younger member always.
Practice, though it may not be easy initially, to either go with the flow or slowly pacify the situation by not adding fuel to the fire. Maybe, hold a perpetual smile on your face, do not reply to any illogical remarks by the aged or sometimes, cut off your hearing. Do not make this too obvious or arguments can be more heated.

Learn to keep yourself cool and calm and do not exchange any harsh words but say something pacifying. Next, try to slowly change the subject. Do all this with a smiling face.
Practice patience, tolerance and do not show temper.
Always take note that the aged like to nag, are fussy and are very petty. They have their own ways and their ways are always right, not yours.
They cannot change and do not accept changes. Traditional ways are always the best. This where the problem starts.
Most families will have this situation.

A family should learn to cope with the aged.

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