Sunday, October 11, 2009

Correcting a Family member

Let's go back to family theory again. Make it a point to apply these theories and see how effective they are. Simple they may sound but are truly verifed and have been practised to produce the desired results.

It is never possible to paint a rosy picture of a family. Inevitably, there are ups and downs in a typical family and the solution here is how well you handle these situations. Always remember one thing, that is, never add fuel to the fire.

One common problem which occurs almost daily when families are together, whether during meal times or just sitting together in front of a TV etc, are comments or remarks, maybe unconsciously made, which offends certain family member or members. Sometimes a child may pass a remark, sometimes even a shocking remark to offend the elders in the family. An elder can also do likewise.
The important question here is, how do the parents or one of the parents, react to this.
Shout! Yell! Scream! Loose your cool and snap back at that family member!
NO, NO, NO! That is adding fuel to the ongoing fire.

So what do we do. Pause for a moment, take a deep breath. and give a smile. This will keep you in calm spirits.
Now, cleverly, make a joke out of that 'nasty' statement and make a subtle stement to correct the situation.
The whole situation becomes normal again and quickly and carefully, change the subject to something of a general interest to get everybody focussed elsewhere.

This is not theorectical and try this the next time you face this situation. It Really Works!


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