Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let us preserve the traditional Family

Today, the traditional family is looked upon as the father and mother, who are the happily married couple, and their biological children. This is the true family in sense.

The modern day of thinking is changing the family definition. All persons living under one roof whether biologically connected or not are considered as a family. It is common to see children living with their step brothers and sisters or living with their step parents. No doubt considered as a family, can we see any good family values existing in such families. Parents getting divorced comes so easy without looking at the real consequences.

" Well, we had to end it all. It is no point carrying on. The children see us fighting all day. We need to start a new life again " This is what is heard from parents ending their marriage.

What about the poor children? Where or how do they fit in to the new relationships which their parents are going to start? Why were not the children considered in the first place? In most cases, especially if the children are still small, they suffer emotional damage.

Their studies are interrupted, they loose their direction. No doubt one of the parent will take them, but NO, they need both their biological parents. They cry for their parents.

I have personally seen schoolchildren suffering an emotional breakdown. They go to their teachers or their close friends to seek comfort.

Why does this need to happen in the first place?

True family happiness is only seen in a traditional family. The children have their real parents whom they love and trust. We need to, by all means, always maintain our biological family. This is where we have true Family Happiness.

Always find ways and means to keep your family together as relationships are built over the years. Do not lose this by just one stupid mistake.

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Matthew Toone said...

Thank you for the great post. When all is said and done, family is what matters most. We all often become guilty of pursuing the dreams and successes of wealth, prestige, knowledge, power, popularity, etc. and forget that it is relationships, integrity, charity, and family that matter most.