Friday, December 11, 2009

Leader in the Family

Companies need a CEO or a GM to steer the company to its right course. Organizations or Groups need a leader to guide them. Orchestras need a music conductor for the musicians to play in unison.
What about families? Yes they too need a family leader but with a difference.

Who will be the family leader?
In most instances, one of the parents must assume the leadership. The family leader must never be regimental but a leader of love. There are certain values to the leadership. These values can also be developed over a period time.

There are parents who are born family leaders. They possess a certain charisma which keeps the family close and happy, but not to fret if you aren't one. You can make yourself to be one.

The person who leads the family must not make it known to the family members that he is the leader. He or she just takes it upon themselves, studies the family situation carefully and ensures no untoward situations arise in the family.

First of all, as a leader, fill yourself with love and radiate this inner love to all your family members. You will automatically radiate these feelings because of your loving personality. Always make sure that you contribute happiness to your family. You are an agent of happiness.
Never be the one to inject unhappiness into the family.

Always hold a positive outlook and never express any negative attitudes. Correct immediately any negative situations that arise within the family by adding positive comments in a loving and caring way.

This may not be difficult but can be cultivated with some effort. Try to have a perpetual smile on your face whatever the situation maybe. Again, develop yourself not to lose your temper. Always contain the situation however serious the situation maybe.

I know of personalities who never show any form of anger and always contain even the worst situations with a loving smile and with some positive comments to pacify the situations.

It is not difficult to develop yourself to possess all the good values as said.
Build a happy aura in your home. Hence, happiness can be felt by anyone who enters your home.

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