Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Health and Family happiness

A Healthy Family means a happy family

You have a beautiful family, right? So you can enjoy health activities with them. Go for family walks, have a family game in your own garden. What about family gardening? Yes, mow the grass together, do some flower planting, beautify the garden and ask for ideas from your young minds. You will be surprised at the type of creativity that is in the minds of your children.
This kind of family activities will bring the family closer and build close relationship and love within the children.
In the last post, I mentioned about closeness within the children is of utmost importance.

Keep the whole family healthy at all times. Some health tips for the family are listed below :

Move More
Get your family involved in physical activities. This should be carried out regularly.
Remember the word ' regularly '

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Your physical activities should help your family achieve this.

Eat a balanced diet
This is self explanatory.

Reduce stress
Take plenty of time, especially during the weekends, to have leisure activities. Remember, even children can suffer from stress. Show a lot of affection to your children. Be close to them and give them the assuring comfort.

Take Quality Nutritional Supplements
Today, there are plenty of good supplements both for the adults and children.

Put Out the Cigarette
For heavens sake, quit that habit if you smoke. A bad influence to your growing children. Children tend to take after their parents. What the parents do is generally right for them.

Keep an Optimistic Outlook
Have a positive mental approach. Happy people have lower chances of becoming ill. And being happy makes one feel good.

To conclude, Healthy family means happy family.

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